Walks and Eyesores.

The weather turned out to be beautiful today. It was warm, beautiful, and sunny all around, a sharp contrast from the cold, rainy gray weather that I woke up to this morning. Because it was so nice out, I decided to take a walk and I’m glad that I did. It got my restless energy out (for the most part) and filled my lungs with fresh air (something it hasn’t seen the light of day of for a long time).

When it’s as nice as it is today, I usually go for a long walk. I decided to start from the opposite end from where I usually start at and worked my around. On my way home, my path briefly walked alongside a small creek that runs beside the middle school. This creek used to be picturesque: dark, brooding and fairly clean of anything likely to become overgrown beside it. But a few years ago, the city decided to pull up the trees that used to line its banks and fill the banks with boulders and replant with newer, slow growing trees. Little water comes through now, so the weeds and cattails grow to an abnormal height. 

As I walked by today, I noticed that all the water plants growing up from inside the river was all flattened, covering even the rocks. It looked unsightly and gruesome. It’s kind of sad to think that this once beautiful creek is now nothing more than an eyesore. Why would a city (town?) who’s so concerned with appearances let something go in such an obvious way?

I turned left and walk away, leaving the pitiful darkness behind me as I disappear into sunshine. It will soon become forgotten until it makes another pass in my line of vision.

Tell me your thoughts.

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