In Lieu of Sherlock…

I’ve been in a post-Sherlock depression. It was one of those shows that really grabbed my attention and made me look foreword to the next episode. I haven’t really had that level of interest since I watched the original Star Wars trilogy and season 1 of Game of Thrones earlier this year. I started to get back into House since it’s my favorite t.v. show and based off of Sherlock Holmes in a sense, but since I’m still waiting for the next disc of House from the library, I had to put it on hold. I tried watching Little Britain, a comedy created and aired on BBC, but I turned it off ten minutes into it. It wasn’t as funny as expected and the laugh reel was getting on my nerves. Started watching Atonement but because I’ve already seen it, I started getting antsy and turned it off. I did get to the part where Benedict Cumberbatch’s character shows up, which is why I wanted to watch it to begin with because I couldn’t believe he was playing the worst character in the movie. I recognized his voice and some of his features, but he just looked way out of sync from his normal look. My curiosity appeased, I let it go.

It’s funny how really great movies (and books) won’t let us go. They appeal to our senses and inner being, the kind that never lets us go long after we reached its end. This is both sought after and anger-inducing. I want the good stuff, the artistic brilliance that comes after much practice (or maybe even natural talent). But when there isn’t anything after it or that you have to wait a while for a new installment, your frustration levels rise until the tension is barely tolerable.

Sherlock is one of those shows.  There are only two seasons, and the third one isn’t coming out until the fall of next year. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking. Will it be as good as the previous seasons? What will Sherlock and Watson get into next? Or will it all flop? I will only know when it comes out, but I wish it’d come out now.  The wait consumes me.

In the meantime, I will work on watching House. I also thought about starting up Lost again.  I started watching it when it first came out on t.v. and found it interesting, but because of work and school schedules, I got way behind and had to stop watching it, as it’s one of those shows you have to watch in chronological order lest you miss something important. I got through most of season 2, but because it’s been several years since I watched it, I decided to start season 2 from the beginning.

Who knows what else I might watch in the next year or so in my impatience for a new episode with Sherlock.

Tell me your thoughts.

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