Singing It Out

Josh Groban is releasing a new studio album in February! You can read about the official press announcement here. This is exciting to me because Josh is one of my favorite singers of all time. Whenever I need uplifting, Josh Groban is one of the first singers that I listen to to get me through the day. His voice is deep and on key, his words poetic and reach for the soul. It doesn’t hurt that he’s not bad to look at, either.

While I’m excited for his next creative endeavor to come out, I’m also a little nervous. His last studio album, Illuminations, was a disappointment to me. They lacked the depth and variety that’s found in his earlier works. His one redeeming song, Hidden Away was the only one that sent chills up my spine and still does to this day.

^Wouldn’t you agree?

I know he’ll be amazing as ever, but I hope his album evokes a deep connection that I once knew in his work. But regardless of whether that happens or not, I can only say that he’s one of those few singers who have such an amazing talent that only gets better with time. Sing it out, Josh Groban, I can take in all you say.


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