Avenging the Books (and Their Movie Counterparts)

I mentioned in my reading blog that I started reading The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and how I’ve wanted to read the books before seeing the movies (among other things, if you want to read more go to The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris: Part 1). This got me to thinking about the whole entertainment field, especially with books being translated onto the big screen.

It seems to me that every other movie is based off of a book nowadays. It’s like a book isn’t allowed to just be a book anymore, it needs a movie version to get more readership (and viewership, etc). Movies based on books can either be a great companion to the novel or an utter and complete failure (like Harry Potter, those movies had such a high expectation because obviously, it’s a great series that many people have invested emotions in, but ended up becoming an utter disappointment in the eyes of many, especially after the first two movies when Richard Harris was no longer amongst the living). Some books should never have graced the big screen to begin with, like Twilight. Need I say more?

In my personal, humble opinion, I believe that Hollywood is running out of ideas. How desperate are you when you need to make movies out of books no matter the literary quality and have re-makes of movies that were successful the first time around for a newer audience. As for the first, do they really need to be made into movies and if the answer is yes, tread very carefully lest you anger the mob of devastated readers afterwards.

As for the second, why do you need to make re-makes of films? If they were great the first time, why try to improve upon them and “make them even better” just because you’re technology has gotten better since the movie came out? You’re in a creative field, surely you can create something on your own without having to constantly look to books and previous movies for a story. Sure, you can gather inspiration, but don’t feel the need that everything that’s been written deserves/needs to be showcased.

Granted, some movies that are based on books are wonderful, especially ones where I found the book to be confusing in some parts. A good director can capture the spirit of the book and iron out the confusing parts in order to make it more understandable. Those types of directors are few and far between. It’d be best if most directors didn’t think they were up to the job. It’d save a lot of frustration and disappointment.

What’s you’re take? Do you like re-makes and books to movies? Why or why not?

Tell me your thoughts.

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