(It’s Not) The End of the World

According to the Mayan calender, the world is going to end next month.

Does anybody really believe in that crap? Seriously, do you?

I mean, how do they really even know if the world is going to end in December? Just because all the planets are lining up for the first time in thousands of years mean that we’re all going to die a painful death. People will believe in anything just so that they can stop living and doing things.

Take the dawn of the 21st century, and then the new millennium a year later. People thought the end of the world was going to happen then. If I’m not mistaken, I’m still living (unless of course it did and we’re living in an alternate reality and was no longer aware of the change). No electronics malfunctioned, the power didn’t go out, Jesus didn’t come back for His followers. Life went back to normal. Or as normal as life can be in this ever changing life.

It didn’t happen then, I don’t think the Mayan calender is going to change it any, either. No one knows when the end of the world is going to happen. It’s only known to our Creator (mine happens to be God, but please insert your god’s name if it makes you feel more comfortable) and we can never know what He has in store for us. We are probably getting chuckles and amusements right now because we’ve got it all wrong.

If we got it wrong the first time, who knows what else we’ve gotten wrong about the cosmos.

See you next year.

Tell me your thoughts.

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