A Disturbance in the Lucas Galaxy

In case you didn’t know, Lucasfilm was sold to Disney. Now Disney wants to make a seventh film in the series. Many fans are disappointed about the sale and have become fearful about what the new movie might entail. They’re afraid that Disney will screw up the movies more than even George Lucas did with the prequel trilogy.

Unlike most people, I’m actually excited about the new films and will be greatly interested in how Disney will interpret and create the films. After all, Disney is no lightweight, they made movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story (among many others) going back to when Walt Disney first started the company. I’m sure that they could pull of a Star Wars film in great jaw-dropping achievement. Granted, George Lucas will still be giving advice for the films and some of the people who worked with him will be there, but I still think that Disney will have a huge influence on the films.

I don’t know why I have such a high expectation for the new movies. The only explanation I can give is that I didn’t grow up with the original trilogy. In fact, I didn’t watch them until earlier this year (in my mid 20’s). Because I don’t have such fond childhood memories of them, I don’t have any sentimental investment that may or may not be destroyed with this new transaction.

I still have a little bit of apprehension, however. I can understand why people don’t want any more movies being done. First, because the prequel trilogy stinks (I didn’t even get through the second movie). Having that whimsical feel of the original movies shouldn’t be destroyed further by newer movies. This brings me to the second point that Americans have such a hard time letting things go and continue making newer movies (or books or whatever) because they want to continue riding on the success wave. But the thing is, continuing to make movies just because something is good doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be quality (like Jaws or The Exorcist).

The only thing that we can do is wait and see what happens with bated breath. I hope that we didn’t hold it for nothing.

Tell me your thoughts.

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