House, Ghost Adventures…Mysteries?

The past couple of weeks have been spent watching Ghost Adventures and House. While both shows are vastly different and are intended for different audiences, both House and Ghost Adventures set out on a quest to find out whether subject A is causing subject B. In House, the title character and his team of doctors race against the clock in order to discover what the medical malady the patient has in order to save his or her life. In Ghost Adventures, the investigative team sets out to prove that ghosts are real and can be captured onto video.

Let’s start with House. I love this show because it is like Sherlock Holmes in a way. Like the famous detective, House is an anti-social sarcastic man who is obsessed with solving medical mysteries. In a way, he is like Sherlock Holmes because of the mysteries and the fact that he is anti-social and sarcastic. Neither cares about the people involved so long as they can solve the puzzle and if people benefit from them solving it, then so be it. I just finished up season 2 of House and I’d have to say that the last few episodes were a little strange. Whatever happened to Stacy after House dumped her and what was up with that last episode in which he gets shot, hallucinates, and tries to solve a case in which the patient’s eye pop’s out of his head? If there was a cliffhanger to keep one coming back for more, that would’ve been it.

In Ghost Adventures, three investigators are locked down in the most highly active places in order to capture anything paranormal on camera. Some people don’t like the show because Zak (one of the investigators) can get a little full of himself during the show, I like it more than other ghost hunting shows. This is because there’s only three investigators and no big camera crews following them around, making their evidence more logical and authentic. With other shows like Ghost Hunters, it’s hard to believe what they catch is authentic as someone off screen might be creating the evidence for television viewers.

All movies and shows are created with an intended audience in mind, but some have better quality than others. And sometimes the shows might not be as great as we think they are, but we love watching them anyway because it’s what we like to watch regardless of what others think about it. What are your favorite shows to watch and why?


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