The Hunger Games Movie

I didn’t expect to see The Hunger Games, let alone expect it to be so good. The books were so fast paced and attention grabbing that I didn’t want a movie to ruin such an intense book that captured and connected everybody in so many different ages and groups. When it first came out, some of my friends immediately went to see it and came back full of praise for the movie. Still, I didn’t go out and watch it.

Until now.

I must admit, the movie exceeded my expectations. Yes, there was some minor changes, but overall, the movie captured the book down to the T. The narrow focus of the careers, the indifference of the rich and powerful, the struggles and despair of the poor.

And yet there is hope. Hope that life can be changed, revolutionized into something better. That’s what I love about the movie, and the books. That while everything is so horribly wrong, one can still triumph and succeed.

And maybe that is why they’re so popular today. The special features said that the books came out in a time when there is political unrest and revolution in our own lives. We connect to the books because we want to know that revolution can change us, help us reach a new normal.

I wonder how they will become connected in the future.


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2 Responses to The Hunger Games Movie

  1. An above average blockbuster for sure. Just because a movie makes you want to munch on popcorn doesn’t mean it can’t be quality. Check out my review

    • Ash says:

      I agree, Amanda. Some movies just don’t live up to the expectations that they amp it up for you to be. I hope that they won’t mess the next one up if they make it into a movie. I read your review also! Much better than I could ever do. 🙂

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