It’s Friday, Friday…

It’s Friday. I have a three day weekend.


The sky is gray with occasional flurries.

My head is killing me.


Midwestern weather makes it tough to get through the day sometimes. Usually we don’t have such indecisive weather in February, but I’ve eventually given up the idea to expect the same thing from year to year. What was true for one year won’t necessarily happen in the next.

I’ve said many times that I should move down south where the major weather changes happen rarely so that my poor head won’t feel like a pressure cooker when the temperature plummets or rises drastically. But things happen. Jobs come and go and a girl’s gotta take a job when the jobs come around.

Alas, the sun is out again within a 15 minute time span. Who was surprised? Maybe I shouldn’t have been. Sometimes, a person’s gotta make do with the broken record lifestyle.

Tell me your thoughts.

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