I hate goodbyes.  Even in the most frustrating places that I’ve found myself occupying for any length of time, when it’s time to leave, I find myself getting sentimental and remembering all the good things about the place and wishing I could go back.

I found myself in that place today. It was my last day, the end of an era, the last chapter, finis. I was looking foreword to today, because even while I enjoyed myself and had many good moments, there were times of mind-numbing frustrations. Not everything comes wholly good or bad, all mixed in.

But as the time drew ever closer to the last minute, I found myself getting a little sad. I got to know the people, enjoyed working with them, and made some great memories (even if some were frustrating). I didn’t want to say goodbye because it meant that I was one step closer to being on my own, to leaping out into the unknown.

But when I got home, I felt a small relief. I was done. I could move on. The wide world was before me, and anything was possible. Finishing a chapter didn’t mean it was the end, it only mean a new chapter was beginning. Relief mingled in with sadness, until the bittersweet of the close became merely a happy ache.

People and experiences come into your life for a reason and when they leave, it’s up to you to decide how you’ll use those experiences afterwards.

Tell me your thoughts.

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