Better Than the Last

My birthday’s this month. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s come around again; it feels like I just celebrated it yesterday and now it’s come back again. That’s the thing about aging, you know? It starts out slow then gets faster and faster until one day you’re staring at the gray hairs and lines wondering, “How the heck did I get HERE?!”

I’m closer to 30 now than I am to 20 and I must say, it’s not all that bad.  When I was 9, I thought 19 was old and 30 ancient. But when you’re that age, time and age are irrelevant and hard to grasp. You’re only focused on the present and whether or not you’ll get that invite to Suzie’s birthday bash sleepover. These days, it consists of whether or not I get to sleep in tomorrow and scoring a job interview.

Some people say that the teen years are the best in one’s life. I call that crap. There were few things I enjoyed about being a teenager and I hated the feeling of being an outsider while trying to mold into one group or another. I still don’t see myself labeled as one thing or another, but I feel better about that than when I did at 19. I’m completely okay at hanging out with a group of friends talking about creative pursuits one minute then turn around and talk about issues in education with another group in the next minute.

I enjoy being where I am in life. I see new people, do new things, and experience new ideas. For example, my 19 year old self had visions of steady boyfriends and marriage by my mid 20’s. I would hate to be the one to inform her that she’d be single and that time and experience has taught her that life isn’t about love and roses. Sometimes it’s about travel and new perspectives.

A few years ago, a co-worker asked me which age I’d like to be. “25,” I answered. “And what age are you now?” he asked. “24,” was my reply.

He sort of looked at me, chuckled, then asked, “Why do you want to be a year older for?” My reply was this:

“Because every year is better than the last.”

That is the God’s honest truth. Every year brings forth new experiences and new ideas. Every year gets better than the one I had before.

So while I bid my old age a fond farewell, I welcome the new one with open arms. Who knows what this year will hold in store for me?

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