Summer Rains

For the first time in three or four days (maybe even more than that), the sun has peaked out from behind the gray, rain laden clouds. There has been a lot of rain this summer and not to the farmers’ dismay, I’m sure. While I dislike the rain, I know that it’s needed to make things grow and stay green. The world outside my window shows a delightful vibrant of healthy greens, purples, reds, and every color in between. Just for that sight, I’m thankful for the rain that keeps the natural world replenished.

Droughts have been our constant companion in the past couple of years here in the Midwest. The heat was scorching without relent, deadening the grass and browning the leaves and flowers. People complained of the heat, declaring it overwhelming. We shut ourselves indoors and cranked up the air conditioning, staring forlornly out at the rays pounding into the dirt. It was dreadful, at least for the few of us who longed to be outside but hardly being able to stand the heat for more than a few minutes.

With that in mind, I’m glad to re-iterate the healthy hue outside. However, I still stand to the fact that gray weather makes me miserable. Without the sunshine, I wilt without the energy to do anything productive. I love being outside, soaking in the sun’s warmth as I read a good book. I love taking walks, going out and doing things instead of being wrapped inside frustrated at the constant pounding of rain against the roof. Sunshine is what keeps me going, and I couldn’t change myself to like it wholeheartedly not matter how hard I try.

In the very least, the constant rain that keeps me cooped indoors forces me to focus on some indoor activities that I probably wouldn’t have done normally, like watching a movie or straightening my room or any number of things. I neither watched a movie or anything of that sort this time around, but I did sit down on the back porch and started a book. There’s something about listening to the rain while reading a book. It lulls you into complacency, allowing you to really focus and get into the world of the characters.

I almost got through the whole book, thus finishing it up this morning, but it was a great day to spend the 4th of July. Reading to my heart’s content without a worry in the world in spite that it’s raining on our national holiday. It did stop long enough to go out and do a few sparklers, which made my day. The 4th of July isn’t the 4th of July without sparklers.

If you reside in America, how did you spend your Independence Day?

Tell me your thoughts.

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