The News Not Quite Expected

I feel like all I’ve been hearing these days is bad news. Babies dying, meds not working, epileptic seizures, no job opportunities, and many other headlines from the Bad News Travel Department. This morning was the icing on the rotten cake.

Yesterday afternoon while walking his dog, an older man by the name of Jimmy was out walking his dog. In one horrible moment, he fell and hit his head really hard on the ground and received a concussion. He was flown into intensive care to reduce swelling in his brain and remove a blood clot. He’s now currently in a medical induced coma and will be for several days. He’ll be fine, it was said, but he’ll be expected to be on the long road to recovery.

I tell this story because Mr. Jimmy was one of my professors during my undergrad years. While I wasn’t a creative writing major, I took four of his classes anyway and audited another one. He was one of those people that made you feel comfortable immediately as if you’d known him forever. He made the class so that you got to know your classmates and even became good friends with them. If you ever had any problems or needed to talk, he was there to listen without giving any unwanted advice or telling others your business.

I took advantage of this on several occasions, often staying after class or emailing him my thoughts. He was always there for me to listen, quickly becoming my friend and mentor.

When I heard that he was in the hospital this morning, I was naturally devastated. Of all people, Mr. Jimmy deserved to be in the hospital the least. He alway sseemed healthy, vibrant, full of energy and life. What a cruel trick of nature that he would fall and crack his head on the ground, that he had to be in the hospital just because he wanted to enjoy a walk with his lovable dog.

I saw many posts today about him (mine included when I found out) sending thoughts and prayers his way. I, too, hope for the best and pray fervently that my beloved professor will be healed and back on his feet as soon as possible. The world cannot afford to lose such a great man so soon.


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