Writing the Old Fashioned Way

When it comes to writing, I’m a bit old fashioned. Whenever possible, I try to write theold fashioned way: through pen and paper. Even when I’m writing a blog entry, I try to start out by writing it longhand. I don’t always do it that way, but I try to whenever possible.

I love the feel of holding a pen in my hands and the movement of it against the paper. Writing longhand allows me to slow down and think about what I want to say. It makes each word more important, more carefully chosen rather than than tossing them carelessly out in the wind through the speed of writing on the computer as soon as the thought comes to the top of my head. It makes you decide if you really want to put it down on paper and whether or not you’ll really regret writing it. It’s not always so, sometimes you need to write down whatever comes to mind, but it helps you write it more clearly and calmly.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course. Sometimes you need the speed of typing. If you need to write a cover letter or a paper for a class, typing would be much quicker. If you’re writing something that’s on a deadline, of course it’d be more logical to type on the computer than write it out before typing it up. Not to mention that if you have bad handingwriting, typing would be easier for everybody involved. Nobody wants a headache trying to read someone’s handwriting.

Not to mention writing everything out by hand gives you cramps. It seems few of us hold a pen or pencil correctly, each of us gripping it too tightly or the wrong way so that the stabs of pain surges through your fingers. While typing causes cramps, it doesn’t do so as quickly as physically writing does.

Both typing and writing longhand have their pluses and minuses. Each one is valid and appropriate (especially depending on what and when you’re writing it). Technology is great when you want to get ahead of the curve and into the future of society, but sometimes there’s nothing like doing things the old fashioned way (especially when technology fails!)

Question of the Day: How do you like to write? Are you all for technology, or do you prefer some old fashioned ways? Or do you think there should be a good balance between the two?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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