A Little Good News

Earlier in the week, I talked about my professor ending up in the hospital with a concussion here. Last night, Mr. Jimmy’s wife posted some very good news about his health.

The doctors have started lowering his sedation doses every few hours to wake him up a little bit. During one of the times, as his wife told him to wake up, he opened his eyes and turned towards her. The doctor said this was a good sign that because it indicates that his brain’s struggling to wake up on its own. With that being said, the doctors are optimistic about his progress.

It’s a relief to know that Mr. Jimmy is turning around for the better. I continue to pray that his health will continue to grow until he’s 100% back on his feet. Wouldn’t it be great for his students that he’ll be back up teaching by the middle of August?

I was talking to a co-worker at work who knew Jimmy. At the pond where Jimmy was walking, there is one small patch in the walkway that is very slick and at a slight downgrade. He reckons this is where he took a slip and fell. What a horrible way to fall, but I suppose it could happen to anyone. I know I go hiking in the woods in (almost) the same area and there’s a few places where it’s easy to trip and fall.

In any case, what’s done and done. Now the only way up and out is foreword. God willing, it’ll be quick. Many prayers for his recovery is welcome.


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