Summer Rains, Heat

Yesterday afternoon saw a downpour of rain and a bit of thunder on the side. While at work, the lights flickered several times but didn’t go out. My mom told me that the power went out at home, but came back on by the time I got home again. The evening saw cool weather. It was a bit of a shock after having dealt with weeks of humidity and heat, to the point of feeling cold.

This morning when I got up, I expected the cool weather to continue for the rest of the day, but I was wrong. Within a couple hours, the sun warmed the backyard up to the 80’s/90’s once again which caused it to be unbearable to sit out in the backyard for long periods of time.

I’m back inside as I write this (of course), looking out the window with longing. I want to be outside, but it’s hard going when you can only stay outside for short periods of time before feeling like you’re about to suffocate. We humans can never be pleased, it seems. When it’s summer, we complain about the heat, but when it’s winter, we complain about the cold. Though, if it’s me, I complain about the winter for two months before it hits. I’ll take the heat over cold any day, no matter how hot it gets.

Tell me your thoughts.

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