Week’s End

It’s kind of hard to believe that the week’s almost over. What’s even harder to believe is that the month is almost over. Didn’t this month just start yesterday? Pretty soon it’ll be Christmas and presents and weather that makes me absolutely miserable. Why does time fly by so much?!

On the bright side, the heat wave has finally broke and we have some really nice weather that feels like fall. It feels really cool in the shade, but nice when your own in the sunshine. It’s like the weather doesn’t know what it wants to be. We endured weeks of rain followed by an unrelenting heatwave followed by this weather. Some people may like this whole changing weather thing and even the changing seasons, but I don’t. It makes me want to have a meeting with God and ask him if we can have a season of predictability. But knowing God, He’d just sit there and laugh, and say “Haven’t you realized that there’s no such thing as predictability in this life?”

Earlier this week, I supervised Admission at work. In case you were out of the loop, it’s the story of an admissions officer at Princeton University played by Tina Fey. I wish I could tell you more about this story, but since it wasn’t my kind of movie, I wasn’t exactly paying attention. I know there’s a love story involved and the guy who loves her is trying to get this boy into Princeton while raising a son he adopted from Africa (or somewhere similar) all the while Fey’s character trying to build a relationship with her mother. If you like romantic comedies, have at it. If you don’t, you can see how apathetic I am about the whole thing and stay away.

I wish I could inform you about my big plans for the weekend, but alas, I have none. There is going to be a celtic festival coming to the area this weekend and as much as I’d love to go, it’ll be basically impossible for me to go unless some miracle happens and somebody wants to go and take me with them (which I doubt). Sometimes not having your own car is a capital B because you can’t go out and do what you want when you want to. Generally I’m okay with it. Until I want to go somewhere or have a date that’s not so understanding about my transportation issues. Then life gets a little awkward. But it does show you who your true friends (and your true significant other(s) are when they’re willing to drive all over creation just to come see you and hang out. Until then, I will content myself to stay at home. It’s not like I don’t have a million books to catch up on.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are they big outings, or are you planning something low key?


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