Going Back to School

Daily Prompt: Back to School.

Since I recently graduated with my master’s degree, it almost seems rather silly to think that I would have a desire to go back to school and master a subject when supposedly I already figured out what I want to do with my life. But in truth, we never stop learning and we constantly find new subjects that we wish we could study in greater depth.

There are so many things I’d go back and study with greater depth. Media studies, film studies, forensics, and law are some topics of interest that I’d go back to school for. Last year (as of this post), I took media literacy one and two back to back over a period of four months. In one class, we learned about how media affects us as a society and how they are target certain audiences. In the other class, we created our own movie from the first stages of filming to its completion in the editing room. I absolutely loved it. If I had the chance, I’d go back and study film in greater depth than I was able to do in my two classes last year. It’s fun deconstructing movies and finding the hidden visual meanings.

I’d also love to go into law and forensics. When I was in high school, my summer government class spent a week discussing courtrooms and how they work in America. It made me want to study law and become a prosecuter, to understand more fully the courtroom cases that I watch on t.v. Forensics would also be helpful in understanding how people are proven guilty or innocent. While I’m not so great in math, the whole process is fascinating. Maybe I’d go into forensic psychology — knowing why people do the things they do is also fascinating.

With that being said, if I were to go back, I’d start with my creativity. Hone in my skills as a writer, take some photography classes, learn how to draw. I was an English education major, so I only took a couple creative writing classes because I wanted to and not because it was part of my course of study. I would love to concentrate on creative writing and literature exclusively and pursue a Ph.D. program in those degrees.

It’s so hard to decide! Once you start your program, you always find other interests along the way that you want to pursue. Why can’t we have it all? Maybe it’s the fact that higher education is so darn expensive, not to mention the loans I’d have to pay back when I graduate. But in all honesty, what’s holding us back? Loans are nothing in comparison to the education you receive at the end of it.


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3 Responses to Going Back to School

  1. I BELIEVE says:

    I would too…!!!! 🙂

  2. Ash says:

    Don’t you wish you could just stay in school for the rest of your life? 🙂

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