25 Things (…Or More)

A few years ago, there was this meme in which you had to list 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself so that others can learn more about you. Since I have more than a few followers here on ordinarytravels, I thought it’d be fun to do to get to know each other.

So, here…we…go:

  1. I listen to country music. I grew up listening to it and I love the genre. I listen to some other kinds of music, but country is what I keep going back to time and again. I will always love it.
  2. One of my favorite country singers is Chris Thile. I’ll follow his career and bands until I die.
  3. My favorite (non country) singer is Josh Groban. And sometimes David Bowie.
  4. I took gymnastics for about two or three years and ballet for a year when growing up.
  5. I love the mandolin and violin. I hope to learn how to play both sometime soon. Starting with the mandolin.
  6. I’ve been to England more times than I can count. Happens when you have family over there.
  7. I may be crazy, but I love Southern American culture. I hope to live down in Tennessee someday.
  8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veternarian and a writer and divide my time between these two professions. Didn’t quite work out.
  9. I’m a hopeless romantic, even when she doth protest too much.
  10. Cold Mountain is my favorite love story. Great book. Amazing movie. Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Rene Zellewegher have great on screen chemistry.
  11. Harry Potter unlocked the door to fantasy for me at age 12, Lord of the Rings opened it all the way at age 14 (even tho I read Roald Dahl and The Faraway Tree trilogy books as a child).
  12. I like reading young adult literature, even though I’m in my mid-20’s.
  13. I have an old man crush on Daniel Craig. That man couldn’t get any better than he is now.
  14. I’ve never had a real boyfriend before.
  15. I read way too many blogs.
  16. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to Australia and New Zealand.
  17. I own a Nook, but I’ve only read maybe 3 or 4 books onit.
  18. I like eating cold Spaghetti-O’s and pizza.
  19. I’ve never broken a bone in my body.
  20. If I ever go back to school, I want to study creative writing, law, and forensics or criminal psychology.
  21. I love kids, but recently I keep going back and forth between wanting some of my own or stay as far away as possible.
  22. I’m probably the only girl who hates shopping. Just get in there, get what I need, and get out is my motto.
  23. If I could eat one food every day of my life and not get tired of it, it’d be mashed potatoes. Or maybe even General Tsao’s chicken.
  24. If I lived on a deserted island, I hope I’d be endowed with my iPod, my Bible, and my Nook. Hey, at least it has some choices of books to read. I can’t just pick one.
  25. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but I wish I had one brother and one sister. At least.
  26. The only state I’ve been to out west is California.
  27. I want to learn how to scuba dive and go cage diving with sharks. Yeah. I’m THAT girl.
  28. I often dream of having a creative pursuit other than writing.
  29. I give people more chances than they deserve.
  30. I accept people for who they are. If you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you. True story.
  31. I like watching movies, but I don’t like watching them by myself. If I do, I get antsy and take a break from it until later. Thus why I don’t watch a whole lot of them by myself.
  32. My favorite people are the ones who make me laugh.
  33. I keep buying books, but never read them.
  34. I enjoy taking walks and riding my bike.
  35. I have weird dreams at night.
  36. I like hiking, especially when they get rid of my headaches.
  37. I love smelling and looking at flowers, but I hate gardening.
  38. I once had a pumpkin patch growing up.
  39. I used to sing in choir, but dropped out because it was too strenuous for me.
  40. I once dated a guy from another country.

About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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