Where Do You Go When You’re Lonely?

I’m going out on an outing tonight. With a guy. With just the two of us. I’m actually kind of excited about this because I haven’t been out on a date in a couple months, if this is considered a date. Actually, I haven’t been out with any kinds of friends in a couple of months, so I’m looking foreword to having a change of pace from the everyday.

The thing is, it looks like it’s going to rain and I don’t want it to rain. We talked about going hiking or going out for dinner and I’d really like to go out hiking, which would be virtually impossible if it started raining. I hope the sun starts to come out so we can go. If not, I suppose we’ll just be going for dinner.

Another thing is that we work together. He’s the new guy (started on Monday) and if things become serious, we may or may not be in a pickle. There’s this weird rule at work where family members aren’t supposed to work together. They can work at separate branches in the same system, but they can work in the same building. I don’t know if this extends to people dating or not, but if it gets to that, should I even dare? I don’t want either of us to be forced to leave just because we realized we like each other.

If we do end up being in a relationship, it might have to be kept low key while at work. I’m not even sure if I’d be able to talk about it on the Internet (except maybe on my blog) since I’m friends with some of my co-workers who might be able to influence the whole deal.

And what am I doing jumping the gun into conclusions? I just need to relax, enjoy the evening, and see where it goes from there. Whatever comes will come.

Tell me your thoughts.

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