A Little Bit of Change

In case you haven’t noticed, I changed my blog’s background theme. I really loved my old theme because of it’s simple color scheme without a lot of fuss and feathers, but there was something missing in it. The font was too small (and I didn’t want to have to physically change it everyday) and I didn’t like that the day it was published was at the bottom where most people wouldn’t even have thought to look at it. It’s not like it was going to bother me, I’m not reading my own blog, I’m the one writing it! But sometimes I do re-read my blog entries. Usually this occurs immediately after publishing it, since I’m automatically re-routed to my latest entry after publication, but sometimes I’ll go back to the main page and look at previous entries. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what I’ve written.

You might also have noticed that I’ve been writing every day. I’ve been trying to consciously do so for the expectation that I’ll be writing for me, even if the only person I’m trying to live up to expectations for is me. This new resolve probably won’t last long, but at least I’m making the effort for now.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about going on a “date.” Now it’s the day after, I guess I can discuss it. We had fun. At least, it was fun for me to hang out and relax. I haven’t gone out with friends (or dates) in a while so being able to go out was a rare treat. K. was a real nice guy. He took me out to a Vietnamese restaurant near where I live (and which I’ve never been before) and I had this chicken curry stuff and tea. The curry was spicy, spicier than even the traditional Indian curry that I’m used to eating.

After that, he took me back to his place so we could store our leftovers while we went out. While we were there, he showed me his banjo, his guitar and his electric bass. He played the banjo and the guitar for a few minutes. I must admit, he’s really good at it. I’m jealous because I want to learn how to play an instrument, particularly the mandolin. As beggers can’t be choosers, maybe he’ll teach me to play the guitar or the banjo for me sometime.

After that, we decided to go hiking and that was really fun. I love hiking, it always relaxes me. The path was easy going, not to much strain or effort. Being that many of the trails near where I live are contiously rocky, this path was easy going.

K. is a quiet guy, very easy going. But I like it. The quiet between us was comfortable unlike many other silences that I’ve had with other guys. A lot of other guys that I’ve hung out with always end up asking what I’m thinking and don’t rest till I answer. I could get used to this silence very easily. Maybe too easily.

I don’t know if we could be in a relationship. He doesn’t seem my type. Even though we have a lot of things in common, especially with regards to bluegrass music and books, he’s not the type of person I imagined myself being with. I may or may not bite my words, but I doubt that it’ll happen. I think being friends is a very good way to define our relationship. And that’s all I could ever hope and wish for.

Tell me your thoughts.

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