Lesson Learned: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

I’m a sucker for guys. If a guy asks me to hang out, then by jove, I’m going out one night with him! Who can’t say no when a guy asks you out, right?

But here’s the thing: I’m also a sucker for guys who tend not to keep their promises very often. Let me tell you this story to explain my point. Because, really, I was going to tell you this story anyway whether you wanted to or not.

So. Back in June, I went on a date with this guy named C. It’s kind of funny how we met. A couple years ago, a friend of mine set me up on a date with this guy named B. at his Tuesday night pool league. C. and B. are on the same pool team and therefore it was inevitable that we would meet. I remembered C. the most because he was the one who made me laugh. Whenever you hang out with your guy friends and their buddies, it’s always awkward (especially when they first meet you) because they’re scrutinizing you as someone worthy to be in their numbers. But C. wasn’t like that. When we first walked in and B. introduced me to everybody, C. turned to me and said “We don’t bring our friends here, we only bring our girlfriends.” And thus his memory was pressed heavily onto my mind as someone to remember.

But I digress. So back in June we went on a date. Neither one of us was seeing anybody and we were kind of interested (actually MORE than interested), so we hung out. He was enamored by me and I was impressed by him. By the way he acted around me, I thought we were going to become serious. Obviously it didn’t, and I was left in a state of shock for a while afterwards. How can someone be so obsessed with me and make it so it sounds like we’ll be dating only to take it back a week or so later?

Then last week, C. and I started talking again. On Saturday, we talked about maybe hanging out again and seeing each other and he said maybe we could hang out this coming weekend or the weekend after. He didn’t know when since he needs to get a ride. I asked him if he could call me Sunday and he agreed.

So here’s the kicker: He never did. I was half expecting him not to, but I also hoped that he would. It made me feel a little disappointed. I don’t know if he’ll ever call me or if we’ll hang out this weekend or the next. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and he’ll call me and ask if we’re going to hang out over the weekend. But I don’t want to get my hopes up. He already hurt me once, I don’t need a second disappointment to rub like salt in my wounds.

Lesson Learned: Don’t get your hopes up. Even if you are looking foreword to it.

Tell me your thoughts.

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