Gone Tomorrow, Here Today

Well, today’s Friday. I can’t say that too much happiness happened this week, but at least it’s Friday. Tomorrow, I have to get up early for work and isn’t that always fun (insert look of sarcasm)?

I feel like I’ve been in a perpetual state of exhaustion all week. All illness in the family can make a person feel tht way, even with all the sleep in the world. I decided to go for a walk this afternoon just to get out of the house and I was surprised by how nice it was since it was so cool in and around the house. So, I sat outside for a few minutes just soaking in the sun. It made me feel better. Just a little bit.

I was supposed to go to the movies tonight with some friends but decided against it. I wasn’t feeling good and just didn’t feel like going. Not to mention, I wanted a couple other people to go with me so that I wouldn’t have to go with said other friends (a friend and her fiance). I didn’t want to feel like the third wheel. I don’t feel the third wheel much with these two, but it’s definitely more noticeable than with my other mature friends that I usually hang out with, so I wanted to be with somebody, just to even things out a bit.

My aunt and uncle came down to visit for a couple hours or so last night. That was nice since they live about an hour and a half away and they rarely come down to visit. Plus they’re my favorite aunt and uncle which made it ten times better.

I feel like I don’t have anything important to say and since it seems more like a stream of conscious rambling, I think I’ll call it a night (at least with any attempt at blogging). Signing off, and until next time, my fellow bloggers, happy trails until we meet again.

Tell me your thoughts.

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