Hollywood Bogus

There are certain actors in Hollywood that I can’t stand. This is mainly due to the fact they’re so entangled in the mainstream image of themselves, obsessed, and put on pedestals so high it’s hard to see them as anything more than immortal gods that many have painted them to become. It sickens me that we hold some of these people to such a high regard to the point of dreaming to be in their prescence even when they would be people that many (if not all or most) would avoid associating with in regard due to their attitudes, lifestyles, and drug/alcohol abuse.

Let’s take Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for example. When I was in elementary school, Pitt was a man that many girls in my class coveted. He was the heartthrob of the decade back then. I didn’t know who he was when he first basked in the spotlight of fame, but I immediately disliked him on the spot without even considering whether he was worthy of my disdain. As time went by, my dislike for him only grew until a certain woman named Angelina Jolie stole him away from his marriage to Jennifer Anniston. She also, because of her deeds, will forever be placed on my list of “Never see in a movie if I can help it” actors.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, image from Google Images
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, image from Google Images

The list could go on if you’d let me. Robert Downey, Jr. is too arrogant, Joseph Gorden-Levitt is too pretty, Anne Hathaway tries too hard to be a strong and beautiful prescence onscreen and many superhero actors are so obsessed over that they make me want to spew vomit just thinking about them (the men who play Thor and his brother Loki immediately come to mind). I could continue on, but to try and dredge up the very people I vow to forget makes me grind my teeth in irritation.

Perhaps the reason I feel so jaded by the current status of Hollywood is because there’s so little talent and class to be found amongst its inhabitants. It seems like the only thing that matters is image (physically speaking), fame, and the next big movie deal to further the two previous points. There is little, if any, regard for making the acting business a creative, worthy pursuit of those reaching its heights. Scandals of every kind abound no matter who it is.

daniel craig
Daniel Craig, Skyfall, image from Google Images

Perhaps this is why I like some of the more older actors (with many, many exceptions, of course). They have talent and take their work seriously. While many of them had a few scandels earlier on, they and others who hadn’t seem to have come to the realization that acting out (for the lack of a better pun) doesn’t gain respect and not particularly classy. Perhaps the difference is that while they do make mistakes, they own up to them and hold themselves to higher standards. Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, and Jennifer Anniston immediately come to mind. Kidman, especially is someone I admire. She’s beautiful, talented, and classy with that air of old Hollywood about her. She holds herself well and she’s a woman to emulate after, a rarity.

Nicole Kidman, image from Google Images
Nicole Kidman, image from Google Images

Maybe that’s why I don’t like many of the new actors in Hollywood: They have too much fame for too little talent while the allures of the rich and famous play on their minds to the extent of spiraling their lives out of control. I don’t like that they’re influencing young people with they’re bad behavior and messages they’re projecting, not to mention the obsession of certain actors regardless of whether their standards are high or not. They are people whose job happens to be entertainment. If they worked at the local drug store, would you obsess over them as much as we do now?

Just some food for thought.

Tell me your thoughts.

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