With Great Reluctance, I Returned Life of Pi

A couple weeks ago, I checked out the movie Life of Pi. I read the book at the beginning of the summer and enjoyed the book immensely. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to watch the movie so when I saw it at work a couple weeks ago, I immediately checked it out.

Well…I never read it. I renewed it, but it just sat around for another week without any intention of watching it. So yesterday, I finally returned it. As much as I’m kicking myself over not watching it, there was just too much stuff going on in the home front. Maybe I’ll check it out again at a later date when things are so hectic.

I’m kind of like that, anyway. I’ll get into a movie mood and watch a new show or movie every day of the week (or at least, practically) and then it just turns off like clockwork and I’m back to my regular old self. It comes and goes as it pleases. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m just not into watching a lot of movies like a lot of people my age. I read a lot, listen to music, and surf the internet, among other things I have to do in life. I don’t know why, I just never did watch a lot of movies. I didn’t when I was growing up and I still don’t as an adult. I just don’t see the point of watching movies for hours on a regular basis. I would just rather be doing something else and that’s okay with me.

Tell me your thoughts.

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