I Hate Mosquitos. With a Passion.

I feel like there’s been an abundance of mosquitos this year. I can sit outside on the back porch for two seconds and a bug’s gotten a piece of me. They itch and scratch and it becomes annoying, especially when the mosquito medicine keeps going all over the place and you can’t remember where it was put down last so you have suffer with the itching far longer than should be necessary.

I know the weather’s been a lot cooler this summer with a lot more rain than we did in the last two years. While I’m thankful for the rain, the mosquitos are definitely not on that list. I wish there was a way that we could have the nice weather without the mosquitos. Probably move to another part of the country, but who wants to do that?

Well…I did consider it, at one point. And I probably will someday (The South is calling me and it’s getting harder and harder to resist). But unless I can find a job or that my future husband wishes to go with me, I doubt I’ll move. I don’t want to be the only one down there, the loner who knows nobody. I want someone I know and love to be there to support me as I go out in my travels so that I always have someone to come home to.

That’s probably anti-climatic and totally opposite of what traveling is supposed to be, but there it is. I like comfort and I like being with people I know, even when I’m traveling. Maybe it’s because I’ve never traveled alone before or I just don’t fancy it. I did fly down to Georgia once to visit my aunt, but that hardly counts as traveling alone.

Who knows. I haven’t really thought about the whole traveling thing. I once thought I’d travel the world, but now I’m not so sure. I’m more content to stay at home and be an normal, everyday kind of person. But that is another post all on its own, one that I’ll save for another day.

And how did I end up going from talking about mosquitos to talking about traveling? I’m so A.D.D. sometimes…

Tell me your thoughts.

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