Miley Cyrus, Why Am I Not Surprised?

Everybody’s talking about Miley Cyrus’s performance on the VMA’s Monday evening. I didn’t even know what the VMA’s were, let alone know what happened until I read a blog post about it yesterday. No, I didn’t watch a video of her performance just to see what was going on, nor do I want to, but I did see some pictures of her outfit. It’s sad, but not surprising at the same time.

I’m kind of sad for because after all, Miley Cyrus is a young woman, a young woman growing up in the spotlight that is harsh and unforgiving to those who fall from grace. She is expected to be an angel of perfection and normalcy even in the limelight and because everybody is seeing her as someone famous rather than a real human being, a child star like Miley can’t help but break.

I’m sad because her father is a legend in the country music world. I remember listening to Achy Breaky Heart growing up and singing along to it as I pretended to be a rock star. To see a man who is so revered be defamed by his daughter who couldn’t handle it at a young age is heartbreaking.

But at the same time, I’m not surprised. People who became famous at a young age often break down in embarrassing ways as they get older and can “take care of themselves” at age 18 or 19. They don’t know how to guide themselves because their parents took care of everything while they pursued their careers. They didn’t have a normal childhood and therefore their adult lives become more ABnormal. They want attention, love, and whatever else and the only way they believe they can get it is to act outrageously in their “creative” outlet.

There’s been a lot of those in recent years: Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes. Yet there was also ones from way back when: Judy Garland, the actress who played Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and died of drug overdose a few years later, Michael Jackson with his monkey, facial and behavioral changes, and many others with whom I’m not aware of but took the fall from Hollywood all the same.

Why aren’t we doing anything about it? Why aren’t these young celebrities parents doing anything about it? Do they love fame so much that they’ll allow their own children make themselves an embarrassment, all because they want the fame and money, even if it’s not the good kind? Don’t they care that other children are watching this and modeling after them?

Just when I thought Hollywood couldn’t get any worse…it does. I would like to see some things change and not just for these poor celebrities, but for America as a whole. For the Americans who continue to pay these people to act the way they’re acting and for the friends and family members of these celebrities who stand by for the love of fame and glory.

Tell me your thoughts.

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