Epilepsy Sucks

At a young age, Chris was bitten by a mosquito and developed encephalitis, a brain illness that swells the brain, which caused several brain lesions. When he was sixteen, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, caused by his illness and the lesions. Ever since then, he’s been fighting the disease and even had to have two different brain surgeries.

I met Chris two years ago when I went on a date with one of his pool league friends at the bar where they play pool. I thought he was a funny guy, always making me laugh. It wasn’t until this year when we started dating that I realized everything that he’d been going through. I knew he had epilepsy after seeing some things on his Facebook account, but I didn’t know much more than that.

I’ve been watching him struggle with his epilepsy in the last couple of months and while I’ve never seen him have a seizure, it’s tough seeing him struggle so much. He doesn’t complain about it a whole lot (if ever) and takes it all in stride with grace and strength, but I know it must be frustrating. I admire him so much, for handling it with a smile on his face. If I had half the strength that he did, I’d be a happy woman.

I’m not talking about it because I want a pity party for him or for me about how much of a struggle it is. I talk about it because we all need to be aware that there’s people who are going through worse things than we are. Some of us are leading perfect lives in comparison, and yet you wouldn’t have known it was such a struggle with them to live the life God has asked them to lead. We should sit back and reflect on the positive things in life, and go foreword with our heads held high. Because if they can do it, then so can we.

I’m also talking about it because I want to raise epilepsy awareness. Just because a person with epilepsy doesn’t show sings of having anything wrong with them mean that there’s nothing wrong with them. Having seizures are draining on the person who has to go through them. They can strike at any time and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. I want a cure for Chris and all of those people who have to suffer with this disease.

epilepsy sucks
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2 thoughts on “Epilepsy Sucks

  1. Epilepsy’s a real bitch, a friend of mine (since we were 4) managed to grow out of it eventually after being born with it. I watched him struggle for years and did my best to help him, he was so lucky. Not only are there the immediate effects of the seizures themselves but the wider social consequences, he never fitted in socially until we headed off to university (despite being 12 when he had his last seizure).

    1. That’s really tough! People are stigmatized by epilepsy, it’s insane. I think he’s having more troubles trying to get a job or disability than anything else.

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