Blogging is Hard.

I was reading another blog I follow and he was talking about trying to write for a broader audience now that more people have read and followed his blog when he made this statement:

Blogging is hard.

It kind of made me stop and think about my blogging and blogging in general. It made me realize that yes, blogging was indeed very hard. Sometimes I have an idea for every day of the week, so I blog a lot more frequently. Other times in I’m in a blogging slump without making a single post for days.

How does one keep the blog updated without losing the quality of writing or the interest of those reading it? I say write to what interests you because in all reality, that’s why you’re writing to begin with. But what about the readers? What do they have to say about it? What if they started following you because they liked one post that you wrote and then realized they didn’t like everything else you post? Shouldn’t I keep my readers in mind? It’s all so very complicated.

I want to please everybody but I can’t. Which brings me back to the beginning: Write what I want and write what I know. If I can’t even do that, then there’s what’s the point of even writing?

Tell me your thoughts.

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