Hannibal the Cannibal

I finished watching Hannibal today when I got off my morning shift. Technically I had ten minutes left of the second to last episode, but I didn’t feel like going through the whole first thirty minutes of the show that I’d already seen just to watch the last ten minutes. I mean, I *could* stick it in my laptop and fast forward it to the last ten minutes, but I’m not that ambitious. So, after watching the whole t.v. series, this was my reaction to it:

O.O Wow!

How disturbing…how dark…how…bloody. I can’t believe I watched that whole t.v.  series and lived to the end to tell the tale. Mads Mikkelsen really knows how to play the bad guy. Talk about psychological thrillers. I know that Dr. Lecter is somehow a part of all the killings throughout the t.v. show, but I haven’t quite figured out he’s twisted his “victims” to kill their victims. I suppose I’d know if I actually read the books, but I haven’t, so therefore I have to sit there in front of the t.v. screen and just chew over it.

Seeing season one has made me want to read Red Dragon, though. I want to read the books that have started a cult fascination of such a twisted, sadistic doctor. Why does he do the things he’s done? What makes him feel pleasure over the death of many, especially in particular ones whose minds are right there on the edge of breaking down? It’s sick, twisted, yes, but at the same time fascinating. We humans have a natural curiosity, and we want to know why people do the things they do, even if it means the person is a sadistic serial killer who takes pleasure in killing and eating others.

I may or may not read the books, but getting over season 1 of Hannibal is going to be quite a feat. Mads Mikkelsen said he was afraid of accepting the role of Hannibal because he felt that Anthony Hopkins (the man who played Hannibal in the original movies), played the character perfectly right down to a T. But from what I saw of the first season, I think the man has done Anthony Hopkins proud. In a sick, twisted way, of course.


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