Christmas in October?

We’ve been having some strange weather here in the old Midwest. The other day we had snow falling for half the night and morning. Yesterday it rained and randomly hailed. Today it snowed for like 40 minutes. I don’t understand it. It never used to snow in October. Why is it starting now? I’m sure there’s going to be arguments about global warming and the like but I don’t (totally) buy it. It’s my humble opinion that the weather is just plain moody and wants to mess with us mere humans just because it can.

The second downfall to this crazy weather is that it’s messing with my head and causing headaches. Not only do I hate the cold weather and fall, I have to deal with headaches until it settles down. I’m pretty sure I’ve complained about this before, but it’s a constant in my life that’s probably never going to go away unless I make a conscious decision to move somewhere where the weather doesn’t change so much.

Have any of you experienced crazy weather in the place where you live?


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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