The Conjuring

I’ve been wanting to watch The Conjuring for a couple of months now. While I like scary movies in general, the genre has been going downhill in the past few years (maybe even longer). A friend of mine had gone to the movies to see it and said that it was a good one, which is actually a compliment considering that even she is becoming chagrined by the number of badly made horror films.

I liked this movie because it was created with the traditional gothic scary story in mind. It was one of those films that built up the tension slowly throughout the show until it crescendo-ed at the end. In other films, the horror is thrown in your face at the beginning until there’s nowhere else to go by the end of the movie. What’s even scarier is that the Warrens were real people who researched the paranormal by trying to capture them on film and even tried to help people who were possessed by malevolent spirits.

Not too many things phase me in the fictionalized horror movies these days. But The Conjuring is probably the closest to getting me a little freaked out. Need a ghost story for your Halloween adventures? The Conjuring just might do the trick.

2 thoughts on “The Conjuring”

  1. The Conjuring has been on my list to watch. I’ll probably watch it this week sometime. I watched The Strangers this past weekend even though I swore I never would because the plot of that movie is my worst nightmare! I get down with a good ghost story though.

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