Documentary: Cropsey

There is an urban legend on Staten Island, New York. An immate from the insane asylum escaped and murdered many different people, eventually hiding in the old, abandoned buildings of the asylum. Kids growing up there were told to stay away from the asylum, warning them that Cropsey might whisk them away and tear their body parts apart, one by one. Nobody believed in the story, thinking it was just an urban legend.

Until young children began to disappear in the 1980’s.

Two kids who grew up on Staten Island decided to return to their childhood home in order to create a documentary about the urban legend and about the court case of a man that everybody believes to be the infamous Cropsey. He is eventually thrown in jail but his letters to the two filmmakers are anything but clear. Follow them as they document one of the most infamous urban legends that may or may not be just that.

We all hear of urban legends, but we never really investigate the stories that are behind them. I enjoyed watching this film because it was an investigation of truth and facts intermingled with legend and fiction. What is real? What isn’t? Only the people involved with the crime can tell the truth, and they aren’t talking.

Ash is taking part in the post a day November in response to National Novel Writing Month.


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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