Blogging Themes

Sometimes I go onto the WordPress themes and do live previews of many of themes, including the ones that you have to purchase. I mean, you don’t have to purchase any of them to do that, or even activate the free ones, just preview them. It’s kind of cool to see what my blog looks like with other themes, but it’s also a bad habit because it makes me want to change my blog theme over and over again. If some of the ones that require a certain amount of money to obtain were free, I would be going through them like water. Thankfully, they’re not free and I can just admire from afar.

There are a few free themes that I like and I found one that was recently added to the array of themes that I would really like to try out. But to be honest, applying new themes and getting them to look just the way I want it gets tiring after awhile. I might try some of them out at a later date when my blog needs a change of look. But for now, I love how it looks and I’m going to keep it for a long, long while.

I guess when you have many choices, you just want to try them all. Does more really mean better? Yes and no. Sometimes having lots of choices can be a good thing, allowing you to have the freedom to choose from many options. Other times, so many choices can only hinder the process. But that’s only my opinion (perhaps I’m only waffling). What’s yours?

Ash is participating in the November daily post for National Novel Writing Month.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Themes”

    1. I feel like all I’ve done is changing my blog theme in the past 3 or 4 months. I had the same one for several months after changing from my first theme since it was suiting me anymore. And now I keep changing it. Maybe I’ll change it again just to see what it looks like. I keep feeling bad for my readers, seeing a new theme every time they get on.

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