Finding Things to Do

I was trying to find some things to do in this town near where I live. Actually, it’s not a town, more of a city, but still, the same difference. I don’t go there much because frankly, the city’s been in a funk the last decade (or more). It’s busy, congested, and full of creepy people. But at the same time, there is some interesting things do there, little pockets of excitement admist abandonment and disillusionment.

I’ve been there a lot in the past couple of years. Maybe not as much as some people, but a lot for me, mostly for dinner and drinks and seeing a person I thought was going to turn into a relationship (and one musical opera called Les Miserables). Since I don’t have any reason of going there now (guy and I broke up) and only go if someone invites me to go for dinner, I haven’t been much.

But now that I’ve got my car, I’ve wanted to drive over there and see the sights,whatever that might be. But frankly, I don’t want to go over there the first few times by myself. The drivers suck over there and I don’t want to get myself turned around and end up in one of the seedier neighborhoods.

So, instead, I just look and dream. Perhaps I’ll brave it on my own one day, but preferably I’d want to go with someone else. Perhaps this will happen one day soon, perhaps not. Maybe I’ll just dream instead.

Are there places you’d rather not go by yourself?

Ash is participating in the November daily post for National Novel Writing Month.

Tell me your thoughts.

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