Things I’m Good At

Today was another dry day. But as I was going through a friend’s blog trying to glean off ideas from what she’s written (you can find her blog here), I re-discovered a post she wrote called “Things I’m Awesome At” and “Things I’m Bad At” (find them under her category Lists). I thought that since I couldn’t come up with anything myself, that it might be fun to list some things that I’m good at. Honestly, sometimes coming up with a new blog topic every day is really hard.

But anyway, I thought I’d start with things I’m good at. It’s easy to say things that I’m bad at, but what about those things I’m good at? Well, here they are:

1. Reading more than one book at one time. I always found it odd when people panicked about having to read more than one book at one time, especially for school. I never found it that difficult. I suppose I’ve always read more than one book at one time, even when it wasn’t required. I just have a knack for it. But that’s just me, not everyone can do it.

2. Listening. Though I don’t consider myself shy (more introvert than anything), I don’t consider myself overly talkative either unless I’m with certain people. But I do prefer listening than talking. People just don’t take the time to listen anymore, truly pay attention to what others are saying. I’ve found out more about people by listening than I have by doing anything else. People seem to sense this and start telling me things that they wouldn’t have said to anybody else in other situations. I’m glad I can contribute to allowing people just let off steam.

3. Writing. As much as I probably deny it, I’m pretty good at writing (or so others tell me). Though I don’t write much in the way of fiction, stories and other creative writing endeavors, I do enjoy writing a lot. Maybe that’s why I keep a blog, to keep up my writing skills and sharpen them further, just in case I ever decide to jump back into writing.

4. Public Speaking. When I took public speaking in high school, I didn’t realize how much I’d fall in love with it. And I do like it, even if I haven’t done it for pleasure in a really long time. Maybe I’ll get back into it someday. Someday, someday…

5. Blogging. I love to blog. I like sharing my thoughts, opinions, and ideas with everybody. I like to come up with new entries and seeing if they get any responses to it. It keeps me on edge, gets me to write as best as I can because other people are reading what I’ve written and judging how well it is. And I don’t want to fail. Not in public (ha ha).

6. Walking. In the past couple years or so when the weather’s nice out (aka spring, summer, fall), I’ve taken up walking as much as possible. It gives me room to think and unwind from life’s stresses. When I still had my dog, we used to get our exercise by me riding my bike and my dog running beside me. But when she got older, her eyesight began to fail and it became dangerous for her to go beside the bike. So we reverted back to walking and I’ve been doing it ever since. I hope I can do some more walking (biking just isn’t the same without my dog).

7. Snacking. I don’t eat big meals at the designated breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. Sometimes I only eat one or two meals a day. But I do snack throughout the day. If I can’t snack for a period of time, I go nuts. But I have heard that snacking throughout the day and then eating smaller meals is good for you anyway. And that’s good enough for me who doesn’t want to change habits.

8. Listening to my iPod. I like listening to my iPod. Music can soothe me or get me up and dancing. I haven’t listened to music much lately, but it’s definitely been a major force in my life. If only I can figure out how to plug my iPod into my car, then life will be good….

9. Thinking Too Much. Since I spend long periods by myself, I tend to think a lot. Sometimes I over think things or think too much about something when I shouldn’t be. It can get a person overexcited and emotional. Thinking is a good thing most of the time, but over thinking may or may not be bad. Should I stop? Maybe. But I probably won’t.

10. Not watching a lot of television. I’ve never watched a lot of t.v., not even as a child. I didn’t like watching cartoons, nor did I like watching shows and movies that a lot of my friends enjoyed watching growing up (Saved by the Bell, etc). Even now I don’t watch too much t.v. Sometimes I’ll go through periods of wanting to watch t.v. a lot but even that is mild compared to others. Some of my friends seem to take it personally when I say I haven’t seen certain movies or shows, but it doesn’t really bother me. In the long run, it doesn’t matter. It’s healthier that way. I don’t think I’m missing that much, to be honest. There’s other things I’d rather be doing. That’s all.

We all have some things that we’re good at. We just don’t always take the time to stop and consider them (or consciously want to, which I don’t know why because we need more positive things as individuals and a society). Maybe I’ll continue to write down things I’m good at or things that have gone well on a certain day. Who knows.

What are some things you are good at?

Ash is participating in the November daily post for National Novel Writing Month.

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