Five Favorite Actors

Everybody has an actor or an actress that they absolutely love watching onscreen. I mean, this is what they do: create characters that we all love to love or even hate. I am no exception. There are certain actors (and I use the term loosely to cover actresses as well since I don’t feel like typing out both every time) that I will watch just because someone’s in it. So here are five of my favorite actors that I wouldn’t mind going to see in theaters or checking them out at the rental store or library.

1. Nicole Kidman.
Nicole Kidman is my favorite actress of all time. I love how she holds herself with dignity and doesn’t go out and make herself look bad like some other people in her field. She has an air of royalty about her, not to mention she’s really good at what she does (Cold Mountain and The Others to name a couple). Plus she’s married to Keith Urban, one of my favorite country singers ever. They’re such a great looking couple.

2. Daniel Craig.
I have to admit, I’m in love with Daniel Craig. I think he’s really cute (okay, hot) and has really aged well. I wouldn’t have known he was in his fifties, he keeps himself fit and looking good. My first movie with him in it was Defiance and thought he did an excellent job. Skyfall and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo were also excellent, but who’s really paying attention when he’s on stage?

3. Leonardo DiCaprio
This man was my first celebrity crush when he broke out into the world playing a certain Jack Dawson in Titanic alongside Kate Winslet (another great actress). Lately he’s been in more serious roles and I finally think he’s gotten into his niche and really developed his acting skills. I haven’t seen a lot of his recent films but I’m excited about where he’s going in his career and what’s up for him.

4. Jude Law.
I say Jude Law’s my favorite actor because I love him in Cold Mountain. He’s exactly how I imagine Inman would be and makes him very realistic and lovable. I like that he has a down to earth feel about him in both looks and acting in the movie as well as making us fall in love with love. If I could find Jude Law’s Inman in real life, I’d never let him go.

5. Keira Knightley.
I like her because she’s the face of period films. I’ve seen a couple of her movies where she’s playing a modern character, but that just doesn’t seem to be like her. Think Pride & Prejudice, think The Duchess, think Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ve got Keira Knightley, an up and coming actor.

I have a few more favorites, but these are some that I truly love. What are your favorite actors and actresses?

Ash is participating in the November daily post for National Novel Writing Month.


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2 Responses to Five Favorite Actors

  1. I agree with you about Nicole Kidman. She is a class act.

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