Fall Day Trip

My aunt and uncle came down to visit today. We went down to YS for the day and just walked around. There happened to be a horse and wagon there and we got to go around town for free. The horses were absolutely beautiful. Then we went to lunch at a local pizza place that a co-worker suggested to me and it was actually really good. The place was kinda shabby, almost like from the old days, but it had character. Which is nice. YS generally has character and individuality to it, which is why I love it. A co-worker’s friend had an art gallery in the building at a privately owned hiking place so we went and looked around. The paintings were simple, but exquisite. My aunt even bought me a pretty photograph of the Glen in there. It was the river in morning so it was very misty.

Then we went back home. My aunt and uncle had brought their new puppy with them so my aunt and I took her for a walk since they had her locked up on the porch. She was a cute dog. Lexie (the dog) seemed to only want to snuggle. I love dogs who want to snuggle.

Oh…and I got a new camera. My uncle had an “old” car that he wasn’t using anymore (which wasn’t THAT old, I don’t think). My old camera went ca-put so he gave us one of his old ones. It’s actually really nice. I like it. Plus it’s a Nikon and I always wanted a Nikon or a Canon for my next camera. I guess I’m back in business with the cameras and photographs.

What have you been doing this weekend?

Ash is participating in the November daily post for National Novel Writing Month.

Tell me your thoughts.

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