What I’ve Realized

I’ve realized that you can’t always trust men to come through with things. This is a generalization, of course, because some men DO come through with things. Like my friend K. who agreed to help me practice driving around this big city near where I live. He’s definitely one of the good guys.

But then there’s the guy I’m supposed to be seeing (but kinda gave up on when he hadn’t called for a while). He called me this morning after a month and a half and asked if I wanted to hang out today. I said I had to work this morning and in the afternoon. He seemed kind of upset about it. So we tried to figure out another day to hang out, but haven’t figured it out yet. I was rather surprised that he called me this morning since I haven’t heard from him in so long and that he never comes through with calling when he said he would. But he did call me two days after he said he’d call some day. Unfortunately it came to nothing. Yet. But it still frustrates me that he says he likes me but is so sporadic with calling and making plans. It makes me not want to hang out with him anymore. We’ll see how it goes. If anything, he’s a good friend, but in a very occasional sense.

What are your thoughts about relationships?

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Realized”

  1. Yes, one wonders about an “interest” who is so distant he cannot even contact you for a meaningful date/experience for so long. Certainly not what I, or other caring guys, would do. I suspect he is….not a winner.

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