Lunch Dates

Today I went to the local Chinese restaurant to meet up with a co-worker for lunch. He’s an older gentleman who is a vegetarian so I was kind of surprised that he suggested going to a Chinese restaurant, but he found a vegetarian dish that he liked. I myself got my usual which was General Tsao’s chicken with fried rice. I don’t know why I love that dish so much, but I do and I get it every time. I guess it’s due to my picky eating and when I find something I like at a restaurant, I order it every time. Maybe everybody does that. They find something they like and so they get it every time they go to that restaurant.

I guess humans are creatures of habit. We get into a groove and rarely get out of it unless we absolutely have to. Why mess up the system when the system’s comfortable? Sometimes we need to shake things up in order to get out of going bored, but unless we’re the truly active people who need to get out all the time.

Happy weekend! What are plans?

Tell me your thoughts.

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