When Actors Age

A week or so ago, I read a blog post about Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently he celebrated his 39th birthday recently. While I know that he was starting get up there in his years, I could hardly believe he was starting to get THAT old.

I was eleven when Leo made his breakthrough as Jack Dawson in Titanic and like a lot of girls, I fell in love with him when I watched the movie. There was just something charming about him: blond hair, golden smile, and a vivacious personality. I knew that I wanted to watch more movies with him in it, if only to watch him dance across the screen confidently, filling up the screen with his presence.

Leo hardly portrays any characters that even vaguely resembles Jack Dawson or Arnie Grape. Instead, he plays dark characters, ones with flaws and well…character. Think Inception, think Aviatior, think Shutter Island. Agreed, he does play Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby and while it’s a book (and movie) of love (and the pursuit of) and revenge, it’s still a fairly lighthearted story in comparison to everything else he’s been playing.

While I mention all these movies with good old Leo in them, I can’t say I’ve seen too many of his recent ones. I watched Shutter Island and thought it was brilliant and followed the book amazingly well. Maybe my tastes in actors have changed or I just haven’t gotten around to watching DiCaprio as much as I used to. Whatever the reason, I wish I watched more of him. Leo was my first celebrity crush and therefore I’ll always have a tender spot for the blue eyed, blond haired man who has grown so much since his formative years in acting. Maybe I’ll watch a few more of his recent movies, just for old times sake and make commentary on how well he’s grown as an actor.

But with that being said, I still can’t believe he’s 39. In another 11 years, he’ll be 50. That’s impossible to my mind who’ll always see him as a young 20ish hunk from Titanic.

Are there any actors that you love and can’t believe they’re as old as they are now?


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