Writing Creatively

I’ve been writing for the past hour. And not for a blog post, either. I have a short story that I wrote for one of my undergrad classes (I’d wanted to take a creative writing class in college just because I loved writing so much) about this woman who survived the Holocaust and went back to Auschwitz years later to face her past. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the story. I’ve wanted to expand it, edit it and possibly send it off to get it published.

Of course, being the person that I am, I’ve procrastinated in the years since then. So finally, I’ve decided to sit down and start writing and expanding. I decided to take my laptop back in bed and just sit and type in bed. I figured that maybe typing the story out will make it progress faster and make me want to write more for the story. I’m the type of person who still loves to write things out in longhand rather than typing it out. But the obvious downfall is that it takes longer and clearly it hasn’t worked in my favor.

So maybe I’ll just type out all my stories and see how it goes. It’ll be faster going, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll start writing progress reports for you, my blog readers, periodically so that you can keep up with what I’ve been writing as well as to hold me accountable.

It may or may not work since I’m still in that “I don’t really want to keep writing as my hobby, let alone a career” type of mood. I haven’t written much in four or five years other than blogging. I guess I’ve just gotta keep at it until each word combined makes up a novel.

Are there any hobbies you wish to rise from the ashes?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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