The Final Countdown

Today’s the last day of November, which means it’s the last day of National Novel Writing Month as well as the last day of National Blog Writing Month (or however it goes). I only missed four days this month, which makes me extremely happy. I didn’t think I could write every day of a whole month (or even most of a month). So I’m glad I got through the majority of it.

I also realized that I survived my first Thanksgiving without my dad. We (my mom and I)went over and hung out with a friend and her family for Thanksgiving dinner. It took up most of the evening so that kept us busy. I still would rather have had my dad around Thursday. He loved Thanksgiving dinner and we always watched the parade in the morning together (when we didn’t have to drive up to my aunt and uncle’s place, that is). It felt weird watching the parade without my dad. But we made it through. The next big holiday is Christmas. That one’s going to be a big one. Well, I’m not going to think about it. Focus on the here and now and God will take care of the rest.

What are your plans for December?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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