Blogs and Color Schemes

I picked the twenty fourteen blog theme for my blog here at Ordinary Travels. I thought it was cool that I could change the green highlights to any color I wanted (you know, the colors for the search engine, follow by email, etc). I changed the color to a dark red color because it seemed to match how I wanted it to look.Then I went onto my blog just to look at it and see if I liked its layout and I discovered it defaulted back to the bright green color. After poking around, I discovered you can now no longer change the colors on your blog: you can only pay for it if you want it.

Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed. I liked my colors and who wouldn’t when you were under the impression that you could change the colors? So…now I’m at a fix. I like the layout of the twenty fourteen theme and I like the size of the words for each entry and everything in general. But I don’t like the green colors. They’re too bright and well…juvenile.

With that being said, I may or may not change how my blog looks for the millionth time. If it does, just go with the flow, I’m just trying to make my blog look exactly how I want it.

4 thoughts on “Blogs and Color Schemes”

  1. [ Smiles ] Honestly, you blog doesn’t look bad.

    May I also point out that we can never get our blogs to look exactly the way we want it to; especially when we are using the free version of WordPress.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like the layout. I guess it’s true that the free versions will never be how I like it. But I want it to feel like mine. 🙂 Maybe I’ll just keep it.

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