Two Months and Counting

Yesterday (December 4) marked the two month anniversary of my dad’s death. I almost forgot about it until last night when I heard my mom and aunt talking about my dad when I realized it. It still feels like it was yesterday sometimes, while other days it feels like it was years. Grieving is normal like that, I suppose.

Christmas is coming up and it’s going to be hard without my dad. Thanksgiving was hard, but it was made better by going over and hanging out with family friends. Why are holidays always so much harder when you’ve lost a loved one? Maybe because it’s the fact that holidays are supposed to be spent with family and loved ones and when you first lose someone, it makes the happiness and joy surrounding the holidays become very, very tainted. I wonder how my mom did it when her dad died when she was only seventeen (or was it eighteen)? As young as I am and horrible as it was for me at the age I am, I can’t imagine losing my dad while I’m still a teen.

I have nothing else to add for right now. What are your plans for the weekend?

Tell me your thoughts.

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