A Winter Wonderland

This morning I woke up and it finally stopped snowing, which is quite frankly a miracle. From Thursday night onward the snow kept piling in. By Friday evening you couldn’t see our driveway at all and it was still snowing. It was beautiful to look out at from the windows, of course, but I doubt I’ll go out today, even if the snow HAS stopped. It’s said that there’s more coming tonight. Woo…hoo?

Our neighbors came down and did our driveway, sidewalks, and front walk for us. We weren’t expecting it, but it was a nice gesture. They’re probably expecting to do it for us the rest of the winter and possibly next year as well. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe my mom and I will do it next year. But for now, it’s nice that someone else is doing it for us.

A friend invited me to go out for his birthday tonight. I don’t think I want to, especially considering we’re having more cold and bad weather coming through tonight. And the fact that the roads are probably still crummy. I hope he’ll take a rain check because it would’ve been nice to go out and be with people my age. Oh well. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and I have to go with the flow.

Tell me your thoughts.

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