Saturday Excursions

Today was very interesting. This morning I went to work (big whoop, right?). When my friend and I were finished with work, we went over to Subway to eat lunch. They had a two dollar special on their 6 inch meatball subs, so we both got that. Afterwards we stopped by McDonald’s to get a peppermint hot chocolate because that’s what my friend wanted (craving, actually). She bought me one because she wanted me to try it. It was actually pretty good. I wouldn’t get it again but I liked it.

After lunch, we went over to a branch library to see an author who was supposed to come and visit. When we got there, the people told us that it was cancelled because of the weather. The author was coming from the next state over and didn’t think he could make it because of all the snow and ice. It’s been re-scheduled for the spring. I’m disappointed that we went over there for nothing but at least I’ve got some more time to read the book. My friend read it in time for today and said it was really good. I hope to read it sometime in the near future if it all goes well. Sometimes when we read we have good intentions in the reading world but then we never finish reading a book or even start.

In the very least, we had a good hang out time. I’m glad that I can hang out more now that I have my own car. It feels pretty good. And isn’t that how life is usually?

Tell me your thoughts.

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