What Do You Know, it’s Christmas!

Wishing everybody out in blog land a very merry Christmas! May you receive everything you could ever hope for and quality time with your loved ones!

This morning my mom and I got up and went into the family room to open presents. I got some chocolate, gift cards, a new DVD player, a wireless clock/weather thing, some notebooks and a few other things. My mom got some chocolate/candy, some Bath and Body Works lotion and body works and a pretty sweater. Overall, I think we did pretty well.

Of course we’re thinking about my dad today, since it’s our first Christmas without him. I wish he was here celebrating with us. I’m sure he’s up in heaven dancing around with the angels.

My mom put the turkey in this morning. I look foreword to the food. Christmas food always seems to taste so much better than at any other time, but that could just be me.

I’m expecting a friend over today. We were talking yesterday and he said “I’ve got a Christmas present for you, when’s the best time to drop it off?” He doesn’t know when he’ll be over today, but he’ll definitely call when he’s on his way. I had to wrap a present for him last night because I wanted him to have a present as well. I know I didn’t have to, but I felt weird knowing that he’ll stop by with a gift for me and I don’t have one for him. I hope he likes cashmere scarfs from Scotland. We’ll see.

Hope everybody’s Christmas is merry and bright!

Tell me your thoughts.

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