He’s Getting the Surgery!

Chris, a guy that I talked about a few months ago about having epilepsy, is finally getting his surgery where they will be doing a VNS implant. This is a type of chip that detects any abnormalities in his brain and stops any brain waves from causing him seizures. This is great news because now he can do more things like driving and the like. He was able to drive before this year but when his seizures started occurring with more frequency this year. I don’t know why but they were. Probably a mixture of stress and lack of sleep. Or anything else.

I wish he didn’t have to have the surgery, but I know it’ll make him feel better having less seizures (or none at all, not sure how well these things are supposed to work). Maybe he’ll be able to drive down and come and visit me so I won’t have to drive up and see him all the time. Give and take…give and take.

But that’s all I wanted to say. And I hope it works out for him this time. God is definitely good.


4 thoughts on “He’s Getting the Surgery!

    1. Glad to hear it! He’s excited about getting the surgery. He’s had to deal with it since he was 16 and it’s great that he can have a surgery that will help him drastically.

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