Sparking Ideas

When I’m down on my creative juices for blogging, I look for writing prompts. Sometimes when I look on The Daily Post for some personal inspiration, I find something that really resonates with me and makes me want to jump over to my own blog and immediately start writing down my own perspective to the prompt. Other times I just like looking through different blogs I have to follow and see what they’re saying. After all, you never know what other people’s perspectives might do to help you get that spark going.

Sometimes when I read a prompt, I take it literally, so it’s hard to imagine any other ideas that could be sparked from it. That’s not always the case, but usually a lot of the time. Maybe it’s because I think too much about it or read too much into it. Perhaps this is why I don’t use a lot of prompts: Because I read too much into it.

But in essence, a lot of my ideas come from prompts and other people. If I’m feeling stuck, it’s the best way to get out of a jam. And really, isn’t all creativity like that nowadays? We get inspired by other people and take from them in order to create something new. That’s why we’re all drawn to certain stories and write similarly to our favorite writers, because we’re taking pieces of ideas from each other.

So where do you for writing prompts or do you use them at all?

This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s entry Making Writing Prompts Personal.

Tell me your thoughts.

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